Temples in Maharashtra

This has been an incredible journey exploring the cultures, tradtions and religious beliefs of the people of the magnificient state of Maharashtra.The pristine white beaches of the costal regions,an abundance of greenery and forest reserves, the picturesque sahyadhri mountain ranges, the historic temples on the banks of holy rivers  of Godavari, Krishna and Bhima, the intriguing cultures of the inhabitants, are but a few images to be savoured and cherished as we travel around this beautiful state.Existing tourist,resorts are juxtaposed  with pranquil pilgrimage centers, offering  a unique variance in experience.Tourist brochures are aplenty, but i could feel the paucity of information regarding the centers of worship, as i planned pilgrimage to some of this temples.I have  also given information on hotel accomodation at most of the places covered in this book.

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