Landscape architecture

In recent times, there has been a spurt in infrastructure development and housing projects with emphasis on healthy, secure and enjoyable living conditions.


GARDENING- World’s Best-Kept Exercise Secret

The garden in front of my house serves as my “in-house” gym. How? You may ask. It is true and I can vouch for it. I enjoy gardening and chores such as hauling topsoil, mowing and raking, and even weeding.

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Elderly Care – For a happy second innings

No matter how much we want to stay young forever, ageing is inevitable. We get so busy in our lives chasing success that it’s only when the first signs of ageing like white hair and wrinkles start to show that we realise that years have gone by.

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Sensory Losses in Elders

In Easing communication with elders, we had looked at easing the communication difficulties faced by elderly persons who suffer a natural deterioration in their vision and hearing due to the ageing process.

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The Dangers of Self Medication

It is not uncommon to see someone buying a strip of Crocin or Coldarin and stock it for use during a fever or cold.

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Open Universities

Many universities offer distance education in the form of correspondence courses. These are just an extension of the regular courses conducted by them

Things you should consider before quitting

Quitting a job is a personal decision and is usually triggered when you are either not satisfied with your job or the time schedules and stress levels take a toll on your personal life.

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