Landscape Architecture

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In recent times, there has been a spurt in infrastructure development and housing projects with emphasis on healthy, secure and enjoyable living conditions. More and more planned townships are coming up in...

The Dangers of Self Medication

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Self-medication without the doctor’s advice can come with its own risks, especially for senior citizens. Lalitha Balasubramanian takes a look at what can go wrong and how senior citizens can stay safe....

Things you should consider before quitting

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By Lalitha Balasubramanian Quitting a job is a personal decision and is usually triggered when you are either not satisfied with your job or the time schedules and stress levels take a...

Sensory Losses in Elders

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In Easing communication with elders, we had looked at easing the communication difficulties faced by elderly persons who suffer a natural deterioration in their vision and hearing due to the ageing process....

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